Saturday, January 24, 2015

Swoon Worthy

There's something about waking up to snow on a Saturday morning. It's as though the weather instantly grants you permission to stay in your pajamas just a little while longer and sip on your coffee just a little bit slower. 

Even as a SAHM to 2 kids who are not yet school aged, I have totally come to appreciate and relish a good snow day.

While we're not getting walloped here in Pennsylvania like some of our friends along the East Coast, I'm taking full advantage, and snuggling up with a warm blanket, and my laptop to share this week's Swoon Worthy post. Here's what I'm loving at the moment...

1.  I really fell off the wagon for awhile when it comes to reading, but I recently finished this book, which was this month's choice for my book club, and it was so good, I instantly started reading this one by the same author.  If you're looking for a good quick read, I highly recommend both of these books.

2.  I recently confessed just how in love I am with my crock pot, but can I also tell you how obsessed I am with recipes that include quinoa?  I can't get enough of the stuff. This recipe is getting tested out ASAP.

3.  You guys know I like my wine... These glasses are so cool.

4.  I pretty much died when I spotted this rain coat at Target the other day.  Obviously Ella had to have it.

5.  I am totally stoked about these new Larabars!

6.  I think my sister said it best, when she described these jeggings as "pseudo maternity pants".  They are super affordable, and the most comfortable "jeans" ever.  I probably wear mine a little too often.

7.  This to-go breakfast recipe is right up my ally.

8.  A new Baby Lit book... yes please!

9.  I wouldn't say that we totally follow the concept of Baby Led Weaning when it comes to baby food in our house, but I recently discovered this blog, and love all of the information and ideas it provides for feeding little ones.

10.  Why not get into bed with your favorite dessert?  This quilt is the cutest!

That about wraps it up.  Hope you're all having the happiest and coziest weekend!

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