Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday Things

meant to write a Monday post, but just like that, it was Tuesday. 

Oh and what a Tuesday it has been... 

Have you ever had one of those days where literally every single thing you attempted to accomplish somehow resulted in epic failure? That's pretty much how today is going for me. 

First I tried to get invitations printed for Ella's (very belated) Baptism... That didn't work out as planned. Then we treked to Target in the frigid cold (15 degrees), to get some photos printed and pick up a few things... Low and behold, the photo printing equipment was down. Then there was an issue with a gift card of mine that I was attempting to use, and I ended up somehow coming home sans the cutest pair of leggings that I had found, on clearance, for Ella... Even though I paid for them!!! I have been assured that I will be reimbursed for them, and that better hold true. Add to that a good toe stub and some DIY projects gone askew, and that pretty much sums up my Tuesday.

So basically, there are lots of items not getting checked off on my to-do list, and if it weren't for M & E, I'd likely climb back under the covers and pretend that this day didn't happen.

However, with all of the glass-is-half-full attitude that I can muster up, I'm trying to turn this day around... So I thought what better way to jump start a 180, than to share some fun things I've found/tried lately!

 I'm really and truly trying to eat clean/healthy lately. The "you just had a baby" excuse is becoming a bit of a stretch at this point, so it's game-on in the exercising and eating right department. Last night we made this butter chicken, and I had mine over cauliflower "rice". It was seriously so good, that I can't wait to make it again in the future!

Have you guys seen/tried these broccoli florets from Trader Joe's yet? I saw them pop up on my Instagram feed, and just had to give them a whirl. They are strangely delicious!

In my ongoing effort to stay trendy, even as a legging-wearing-mother-of-2 who rarely puts on make up beyond bronzer and mascara these days, I've been dying to try a red lip (a la Taylor Swift). I didn't want to invest in something expensive, knowing full well that it wouldn't get that much wear, so I picked up this e.l.f. lip gloss stick in "Movie Star" at Target for $2, and now I'm obsessed!

Lastly, I wanted to share a photo of this super cute cardigan I just finished for Ella.  I love making clothing for my kids, but haven't had a whole lot of time lately between shop orders. I actually started this while the shop was on vacation, but didn't quite finish it until recently. It still needs blocked, but I love it and can't wait for her to wear it. 

If you like to knit and want to take it to the next level, try a baby sweater. They're much easier than you think to whip up, and since they're mini, they don't take much longer than a hat to complete!

That's all I've got for now! Hopefully your Tuesday has been more successful than mine! I'm feeling better already after this post, and seeing as it's 5:00 PM, I see a glass of red wine in my future!

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