Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Recap

We had yet another blissfully lazy weekend around here. It has been off and on snowy and dreary over the last few days, so we took full advantage, and with the exception of a trip to the grocery store yesterday, we pretty much lounged around in pjs at home all weekend.

I know some of you are about to get buried in snow, so the miniscule few inches that fell here in Pennsylvania are irrelevant to you, but I viewed this accumulation as the perfect excuse to stay inside and play, do some baking, read a good book, and even tackle a little sewing project.

Over the course of the weekend, M&E tore apart the house (no shocker there), and pulled out basically every toy that we own at various points.  They were pretty pleased with themselves though, so we just went with the flow.

On Saturday, Mike brought me home my most favorite French macarons, so all diet/healthy eating plans were out the window!

I baked up some of these to-go baked oatmeal cups that I mentioned in my Swoon Worthy post.  Chocolate chip for Max (obviously), and blueberry and flax for Mike and I. I love how the options are really endless with this recipe, and that now we're covered for breakfast for the next few days!

I finally got the chance to whip up this adorable little top for Ella.  One of my biggest goals in 2015 (and in life) is to strengthen my skills when it comes to sewing clothes.  An opportunity presented itself to be a pattern tester, and I jumped right on it.  I can't wait to put this on Ella over a white onesie and some skinny jeans.

Otherwise I'm kicking off the week by "house walking" (seriously, it's a real thing), and with one of  my favorite healthy smoothies... in an effort to detox after all of the macarons I ate.  I love to throw some unsweetened almond milk, frozen bananas, a spoonful of almond butter, some chia seeds and a squirt of honey into the blender.  Max loves it too, so it's a great way to get something healthy into him.  I'm sure it helps that we call it a "milkshake".

That about sums it up really, pretty uneventful around here. Hope you all have a wonderful week, and for any of you about to get nailed with snow, stay safe and warm!

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