Monday, January 19, 2015

Swoon Worthy/Weekend Recap

I went ahead and fell off the blogging wagon this past weekend. 

We have been working on so many projects at home, I've had shop orders to complete, we had guests in town, and the reality is, I just didn't have time to sit down at my computer.

Enter Monday.  I'm kicking off the week feeling somewhat refreshed for once, so I'm tackling it head-on with an extra lengthy Swoon Worthy list combined with our weekend recap.  Can you handle it?

First things first, the above pictured Curry Chicken Salad.  As I've mentioned before, recipe writing on a whim is not my forte.  Sometimes it's just a little of this, a little of that... but this one seems easy enough to share, if you can deal with my not-so-exact measurements.

I generally make this using a store bought rotisserie chicken.  We're not dark meat eaters, so I just remove the breast meat and shred it.  Fear not, I don't waste the rest, I usually boil it and turn it into soup or broth.

Anyhow, to the shredded chicken, I add a tablespoon of curry powder, some salt and pepper to taste, a couple of tablespoons of either raisins or dried cranberries (whatever I have in my pantry, in this case cranberries), about 1/4 of a diced granny smith apple, an 1/8 of a cup (approx) of nuts (usually pecan pieces, slivered almonds, or cashews (in this case cashews), and last but not least 2 tablespoons of mayo.  The thing with the mayo, is you can add as much or as little as you would like... we're not big mayo people, so I am cautious with how much I add. Feel free to throw in a little more if you're feeling adventurous. We are currently trying to eat pretty clean, so I used this recipe for homemade/paleo mayo, but in the past, I have used greek yogurt, and even a combination of sour cream and mayo.  Whatever tickles your fancy.

It is delicious served over lettuce as a salad, or on a croissant or toasted sourdough as a sandwich.

Beyond what I ate for lunch this past weekend, there are a ton of things I am swooning over and dying to share, so although it's slightly belated, here's what I'm loving lately...

1.  I don't think winter is going to be over anytime soon, so I just ordered this super cute colorblock beanie to stay warm and stylish over the next few months.

2.  I'm pretty sure that I can totally get on board with this breakfast concept.

3.  There are naturally a few Valentine's Day themes items on this list, I have my eye on this for Ella and this for Max.

4.  I have raved about my love for Oliver Jeffers' books before, but a book about a moose?  The Mainer in me is sold.

5.  This moisturizer and this toner make my dry winter skin happy.

6.  I'm all for an adult beverage that also provides health benefits such as Vitamin C.

7.  We love holiday themed books around here, and Pete the Cat is about as cool as they come.

8.  After seeing this delectable side dish pop up on my Insta feed over the weekend, I can't stop thinking about it.

9.  When I'm not lugging around my gigantic tote full of toddler snacks and diapers (which is rare), I love a small crossbody bag.  This style is cute and affordable, and I have seen it in the store in some awesome colors (think mint and cobalt).

10.  *** I'd love to tell you that I am one of those mothers whose children only eat healthy an organic meals 3x a day, but that's just not our reality.  I enjoy giving my kids (Max) a treat from time to time, so when were recently sent a sample of Reese's Spreads, I couldn't wait to use some on pancakes and top them with bananas.  Naturally Max gobbled them right up and asked for more.  This spread is a tasty combination of both chocolate and peanut butter flavors, and I can't wait to experiment with it in more recipes and share about it with you.

11.  Spaghetti squash has easily become one of my favorite healthy things to eat, so I am dying to try this recipe.

12.  Hearts on baby bum's... need I say more?

13.  If you have a little girl that is in desperate need of superbowl appropriate accessories, today only, you can order her one of these.  My husband might be a Steelers fan, but my heart will always belong to New England.  Go Pats!

*** disclosure:  This blog post contains items that were sent to me as a courtesy for my review, however, all opinions are completely my own.

Other than all of the fabulous items listed above, it was business as usual around here.

We had guests visiting from out of town on Friday, which prompted a trip to our grocery store's beer section, which inevitably led to the photo below... Mother of the year, I know.

Otherwise it was spent playing...

And of course... lounging.  Just as any good weekend should be.

{security blanket | sheet (diy)}

Hope you all have the absolute best start your week! Both M&E are napping at the same time right now, so as you can imagine, my Monday is fabulous!

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